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Android : Enable S-Force 3D on Xperia M2

| Minggu, 10 Mei 2015
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Assalamualaikum :o

This tutorial will let you enable the S-Force 3D for Xperia M2 (4.4.4) and its for speaker mode only.
to the point
I assumed you guys all already know how to compile and decompile .apk, rooted and deodex thing.

1. Decompile ur deodexed settings.apk (I use Advanced APK manager for de/recompile *not recommended* and kamome tool for deodex)
2. Open folder res/xml/ and find somc_add_sound_settings.xml then open by text editor like notepad++ and find this line

<intent android:action="com.sonymobile.audioeffect.intent.action.XLOUD_REQUEST" />

then below it
Add this line

     <com.sonymobile.settings.preference.CheckBoxPreference android:key="sforce3d" android:defaultValue="false" settings:dependOnSystemProperty="ro.somc.sforce.supported" settings:before="first" settings:hasMetaData="true" settings:valueOfSettingsSystem="com.sonymobile.sforce_enabled" settings:valueOnExtraStatusName="com.sonymobile.audioeffect.intent.extra.SFORCESURROUND_STATUS">
        <intent android:action="com.sonymobile.audioeffect.intent.action.SFORCESURROUND_REQUEST" />

Save it!
4. Recompile your Settings.apk and send/transfer to your phone then replace your current Settings.apk and remove settings.odex if available or just rename ur stock settings.apk and odex by adding .bak , do not restart ur device at this point.
5. Open your build.prop in /system/ directory using your root file manager (ex: root explorer) open it by text editor and below this line


add this line


Save it !
6. Now restart your XM2
7. Play a music then go to settings->sound settings-> tick the S-Force blabla :) ok done.
Sorry no screen to share :p slow network

Tested by me XM2 and XM2 LTE KK 4.4.4 (locked bootloader & rooted)

Android : Enable S-Force 3D on Xperia M2

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date :Minggu, 10 Mei 2015
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Android : Fix Illumination Bar on Xperia M2

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Assalamualaikum :o

Is there any of you got same problem with xperia m2 led bar(not blinking/no bright/totally dead) after upgrading ur 4.3 JB to 4.4.2-4.4.4 KitKat ?here's how to fix the led bar/illumination bar
First, open your sim card slot, find the reset button or find OFF 's text that should be written there.
Then, use a needle to press it and hold it about 10 secs+ and turn on your XM2.
Last, test it by opening any photos in your album app/play a song walkman.

Work on my m2 dual and m2 lte.
thanks to newoo

Android : Fix Illumination Bar on Xperia M2

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
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Android : GT-S5570i Supported Kernel for CyanogenMod 7 [Updated]

| Rabu, 07 Mei 2014
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Do With Your Own Risk
Do a full backup first
I'm Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone

2 kernel below are used for CM rom
Updated 29-04-2013
Cyanus Kernel
by Mr. viet/Bigzer Hp aka Kissingmylove

Cyanus 1.8 (flashable zip)
Format your file system to ext4 to boot, go to ->
Compatible with sgy roms (focused on CM)
Set CPU,i/o scheduler built-in (Guide)
CM7/9 support
4 freq 104,312,624,832

Android : GT-S5570i Supported Kernel for CyanogenMod 7 [Updated]

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date :Rabu, 07 Mei 2014
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Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - CyanogenMod7.2 Alpha 4 by PsychoGame [PORT]

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Do With Your Own Risk
Do a full backup first
I'm Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
English post = asap :3

Cyanus 1.8
CM7.2 #4
Formatter Pass : pinoy
Gapps (optional)

Device dalam keadaan bersih/stock rooted

Screenshot (tested di hp ane):

Android : GT-S5570i RAM Press With Build.prop Script

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Do With Your Own Risk
Do a full backup first
I'm Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
Screenshot: - after clear memory
-Rooted Device
-Root Explorer
-Stockfirmware/customfirmware no problem
Tutorial in Indonesia:
Buka build.prop agan pake text editornya root explorer(longpress si build.prop, scroll ke bawah cari 'open with text editor' atau bisa juga pas di longpress pilih 'open with..' pilih 'text editor') dalam kondisi r/w bukan r/o ya
Copikan script ini ke dalem build.prop agan dibawah tulisan


Kalo udah, save si build.propnya lalu reboot deh.
# Ram tweaks

Android : GT-S5570i RAM Press With Build.prop Script

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date :
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Android : GT-S5570i Kernel - Cor Plenus v2.x.x [Updated]

| Selasa, 27 November 2012
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Do It At Your Own Risk
Do'A Full Backup First
I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
Cor Plenus™ v2.1.x
Kernel by Michelasso

Basic Features:
  • Based on the source code of the kernel stock XILG1 
  • Calibrating the battery
  • Scripts in /etc/init.d run at boot time 
  • Ext4 
  • Support for zRAM 
  • netfilter for applications of firewall (DroidWall) 
  • Support for swap partitions 
  • 4 frequencies: 312, 468, 624, 832MHz. Each with its own specific voltage 
  • Undervolting dynamic. To set it up you can use the following tools: 
    - Script / etc/init.d/92setUV: is edited with root permissions, and selected one of three possible configurations 
    - Voltage Control: A free application that you can download from here 
    - SetCPU : Application beliefs now known to all. Version 3 is a fee or you can find v2 in XDA
  • 16 CPU governor &  6 I/O Scheduler :  Lagfree, interactiveX, smartassV2, interactive, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, bcm21553, minmax, scary, ondemandx, smartass, lionheart, lazy, performance
    • Governor optimized for available frequencies
    • bcm21533 uses the minimum frequency (156Mhz)
    • 10 msec, the minimum time of updating of frequencies in the governor that support it
    • I/O Scheduler: noop, deadline, CFQ, BFQ, vr, sio
  • Reconfiguration of the modules of the SD card to reduce wakelock
  • Disable the IPv6 protocol (not used by any application Gingerbread)
  • Off the Network File System (unused in any way)
Package Features (.zip):
  • Rooted with SuperSU, sqlite3, busybox 1.20.2 
  • Is first performed unrooting to install 
  • Applet of busybox already configured in / system / xbin 
  • New ringtones and audio notifications 
  • All ringtones and notifications have increased volume 
  • Switch on the screen with the home button or Volume Up (great for GO Locker!) 
  • Bash 4.1.11 included and configured 
  • Various Unix commands added for using the shell 
  • Includes S2SD : No more problems with memory full! Click here for a guide . should be partitioned the SD card. Then the script will do everything automatically. 
  • Scripts in / etc / init.d optimization for the management of RAM and file system and SQL DB 
  • Scripts in / etc / init.d for the management of Governor CPU and I / O Scheduler 
  • e2fsck and tune2fs in the RAM disk kernel to repair the ext file system at boot time 
  • Allows the customization of the boot animation. This can change it using this application 
  • New boot animation ICS like 
  • Removes bloatware QuickOffice, MTV and Samsung Apps to make room for new ringtones 
  • It 'self contained. Because it includes all standard modules you can install any ROM for the Next Turbo 
  • Includes dynamic libraries for HW modules of the Next Turbo. Should run the ROM Galaxy Y 
  • It 'install from stock recovery
Download :
Cor Plenus v2.1.6 (Latest) here
Cor Plenus v2.1.5 (Stable) here

~ Changelog ~
  • Support for zRAM!
  • zRAM abiliata is the default in the script / etc/init.d/07setvm
  • Reintroduced in the form of log Netfilter
  • New CPU Governor: minmax, scary, ondemandx, smartass, lionheart, lazy
  • The governor is set as the default minmax from / etc/init.d/93CPUgovernor. Otherwise it is bcm21553
  • Adjust the frequencies of the bus "AHB" and "AHB fast" to constant values
  • SuperSU v0.98
  • New boot animation in 2 steps with android waiting
  • The current kernel is still based on the codes of my v2.1.x you love most. 


  • Download the zip file 
  • Transfer it to the SD card 
  • Reboot into stock recovery 
  • Install 
  • If it does not work it is best to flash the stock ROM XILG1 and repeat the process.
This kernel has integrated with S2SD script, like a2sd & link2sd.. so before you install this kernel, please remove all script like a2sd/link2sd and clean your 2nd partition.

Using Swap

Open /system/etc/init.d/07setvm with rootex/other file-ex.
If your linux spawn is as 3rd partition, follow this 

# Enable/disable Linux swap
# swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
swapoff /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

# Set swappiness
echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
Change to 

# Enable/disable Linux swap
swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
# swapoff /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

# Set swappiness
echo  60 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
Default of swappiness is 60, you can change it to values 0-100 (I'm using 95) 
and if your linux swap is as 2nd partition you just have to change the mmcblk0p3 to mmcblk0p2
I'm using 2nd partition as linux swap 

Android : GT-S5570i Kernel - Cor Plenus v2.x.x [Updated]

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date :Selasa, 27 November 2012
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